The “Madrid Cross” Gold 14kt w/4 – 2.70mm Diamonds, 3 – 2.50mm Emeralds


8 Reale Coin w/ The “Madrid Cross” mounted in 14kt Gold. This is a piece that was discovered in Potosi, Bolivia. The date on the coin is 1675 PE, Charles II. Details are good on both sides of the coin. The grade on this 8 Reale is at least a grade 2. Very nice detail. The coin is surrounded by 14k Gold with 4- Beautifully placed 2.70 Diamonds in the Spanish / “Madrid Cross”, and the bezel is complete with 3- 2.50 mm Emeralds. What is a Madrid Cross?    A Madrid Cross is a hand held cross by a priest or bishop. It is often made of precious metal and may be adorned with enamelwork, and precious or semi-precious gemstones.     You must understand that Christianity was making its way through Spain long before Christopher Columbus. A nautical myth handed down through the centuries is that when Pirates raided a vessel, many of the Pirates were reluctant to touch any Cross because of the revenge God could cast upon the thief’s for doing so.

Again, this coin is not from a shipwreck, but it is still produced from the same region Mel Fisher’s Atocha coins were struck some 50 years later. Michael chose the Madrid Cross on this piece because of growing up in Catholicism. The dynamics of the Emeralds mounted portrays an affection for the sea. Emeralds were known to be traded for just about everything even before sea trade routes were charted. The Diamonds placed in the Madrid Cross represents the best of the finest.


  • Chain bale Size is 4.5 mm max.
  • Denomination: 8 Reale
  • Grade 2 (SCD opinion)
  • Mint: Potosi, Upper Peru – Present Day Bolivia
  • Ruler: King Philip II of Spain
  • Coin Metal: Silver
  • Bezel Metal: 14kt Gold
  • Obverse (Front): The Greek Cross
  • Reverse: (Back): The Shield of King Philip II of Spain
  • Three Emeralds 2.50 mm each
  • Four 2.70 mm Diamonds
  • Assayer NV
  • Coin Number 11-10-0510

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