8 Reale Certified “Genuine” by NGC. 6 Tentacle Octopus w/ Diamonds, Green Emerald eyes. 14kt Gold


This 14 kt Gold Pendant is conquered by a mounted 6 Tentacle Octopus that gleams and sparkles along with Melee Diamonds. The head of the Octopus proves a watchful eye with 2 small Emeralds eyes. The bezel holds 3 – 2.70 mm Diamonds that are well placed for the classy look.

The mounted coin has seen many miles. First, the Silver used to mint the coin was probably taken from a South American Incan or Aztec warrior and melted into a Silver small disc. Then, struck into an 8 Reale coin. From there, the coin traveled back to the Old World, Spain. Once back in Spain, it was again loaded into chests chartered with a course for Asia.   This Silver coin is an NGC Graded 8 Reale and is from the Spice Islands Shipwreck c. 1630 (NGC # 6065270-077). The Spice Islands wreck is a mystery whether it was actually a plate ship or merchant vessel is unclear. What is known is that when the ship became stuck and too damaged to continue on her voyage; the crew made the decision to light the ship on fire and scuttle her contents. The Spice Islands are a small group of islands NE of Indonesia. An unknown ship is presumed to have sunk circa 1630 leaving behind several chests of 8 Reales minted in Mexico City and Potosi during the reign of King Philip IV of Spain.

This is the actual Pendant you will receive.


  • Chain bale Size is 4.28 mm max.
  • Denomination: 8 Reale
  • Grade “GENUINE”
  • Mint: Potosi, Upper Peru – Present Day Bolivia
  • Ruler: King Philip IV of Spain
  • Coin Metal: Silver
  • Bezel Metal: 14kt Gold
  • Obverse (Front): The Greek Cross
  • Reverse: (Back): The Shield of King Philip IV of Spain
  • Twenty Five .08 mm Diamonds
  • Three 2.70 mm Diamonds
  • Assayer NV
  • NGC Coin Number: 6065270-077


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